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What to Expect...

To ensure transparency about what you will receive in exchange for your investment, we have gathered the following information to guide you through the process.


The Process


Before our first meeting / conversation, be prepared to discuss,


1: Formal or informal setting


2: Number of subjects (pets are subjects) 


P3: Clothing, hairstyles, colors for the sitter, props and location. 


4: In doors or outside setting


5: Framing, would you like to take advantage of our bespoke framing services?


6: Do you have a timeline for completion? 


7: What is your budget? 


Once the above has been completed, we schedule a photoshoot. I realize your time is limited and very valuable. Please allow 60-90 minutes for setup taking photos (longer if working with children). This time is an average, your time will vary depending on props, wardrobe changes etc. 


Once the photoshoot is completed, if your schedule and time allow, I would like to paint a quick study. This takes about 50 - 60 minutes in itself. It is fine if your schedule does not allow for this. 

Once the photos are narrowed down to 4-5 perfect reference photos, I will email you to choose from the perfect photos, your favorite. Then I will begin your painting. 

If you are unsure of any of the above, we would be happy to guide you through some of these steps. 

I specialize in 17th century classical realism style of the old Dutch masters. This technique is a transparent multilayer painting. Picture if you will, stacking stained glass. This style of painting is rarely practiced today due to the complexity and time required. I feel this is a small sacrifice to make for the quality of work that is being performed. Each layer is allowed to dry then the sequential layers applied. Once the painting has been completed, and allowed to dry for 6 months, I will apply a varnish to protect the surface. The painting can be in your possession; we can discuss further the details on the varnishing. 



Materials Used


My feeling on this is a simple one, use only the finest and best materials available. The support (canvas) we use is Belgian extra fine linen, glued to an aluminum panel with rabbit skin glue, the same process the Dutch masters used to adhere their works to birch wood. This eliminates the issue of humidity, heat, cold, and breakdown of fibers. 

The oils I use are made from natural pigments, most of which are mined from the same quarries as the Dutch masters used in the 17th century, mix with the finest linseed oil. No artificial ingredients or fillers. 

If custom bespoke framing peaks your interest, we offer designs molded from the original works of art again, from the 17th century, plus we have more modern designs as well. 


What are you getting for your money? 


Photoshoot with the artist, an original work of art, that will be an heirloom passed down for generations to come. A digital HD time lapse of the painting process from a blank canvas to completed painting. 


For an additional fee, a custom bespoke framing. We also offer other services that are a white glove service, this includes hand delivering and hanging of the painting. Lastly, based on availability and scheduling, the artist can be present at the unveiling of your artwork. 

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