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Durhl Davis Fine Art Portraits & Still Life

As an artist, I have been profoundly inspired by Renaissance painting. The Dutch Masters created immortal works of stunning realism and emotional intensity, defining my very mission to offer something truly extraordinary to a select clientele. I strive to produce art of personal import, preserving one’s legacy for generations.


I create works of classical realism, incorporating techniques I learned through many years of historical study and practical experience. This 17th-century approach to portraiture is rarely practiced today, as the process can often take many months to perfect. I believe, however, that to create such incredible beauty, an investment of time is a minor inconvenience.


I formed Durhl Davis Fine Art as a commitment to the revival of Old Masters' drawing and painting techniques. It’s a deeply personal service that closely engages each client in developing the commissioned work, creating art that will recall the soulful immortality of classic portraiture and its singular luminosity.


Please consider this, my personal invitation to explore the possibility of embarking on this truly unique artistic journey.


I am at your service, 318-542-2550.





Durhl R. Davis

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Tel: (318) 542-2550

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